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The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists will grant Life Membership in the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists in accordance with the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists By-Laws.

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Award nomination deadline is December 1st.

Life Membership Recipients

2018 Recipients

Jane McPhee

Jane’s advancement of occupational therapy in Saskatchewan as well as on the national stage through ongoing committee involvement with CAOT has set her apart as an outstanding leader. She is a strong voice, advocating for improved access of Canadians to occupational therapy services. As the Director and Professional Leader for Occupational Therapy with the Saskatoon Health Region she succeeded in increasing the number of occupational therapy positions, and has long supported the establishment of a school of occupational therapy in Saskatchewan. Jane is also passionate about working with seniors and the implementation of a multidisciplinary team approach for clients with dementia, and since retirement continues to be involved with the Council on Aging.

Patricia Rigby

Patricia has had a significant impact on the profession through her contributions to the development and evaluation of clinical applications of the person-environment-occupation (PEO) model. Her attention to the influence of environment on occupational performance has had a broad impact on occupational therapy practice and research in Canada and internationally. Patricia is also committed to enabling play and participation of children and youth with physical disabilities, which has led to the development of effective seating technologies for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. She has authored 41 peer-reviewed publications and 20 book chapters in occupational therapy textbooks, and is valued as an educator for her teaching methods and content expertise.

Ann Bossers

Ann is recognized for her outstanding leadership and pioneering role in competency-based fieldwork education over the last 30 years. Colleagues describe Ann warmly as a positive and motivating influencer with endless enthusiasm for her field. She is an exceptional international ambassador for Canadian occupational therapy education. Ann was instrumental in implementing the use of portfolios to foster reflection in education, and, in this regard, she has developed practical resources, offered workshops, and contributed to OT Now.

Past Recipients

2017 - Susan Stanton
2016 - Lynda Lowry Rayner
2015 - Huguette Picard
2015 - Pat McKee
2015 - Sandra Hobson
2014 - Mary Gray
2014 - Mary Law
2012 - Anne Carswell
2011 - Thelma Sumsion
2011 - Elizabeth Townsend
2006 - Muriel Westmorland

Previous Recipients

Andrée Forget
Anthea Cammell
B. Kate Coffman
Barbara O'Shea
Elizabeth B. Bell
Grace M. Wilson
Isobel Robinson
Jean Burton
Joan L. Hannah
Judith Irwin
Marilyn Conibear
Micheline H. Marazzani
P. Anne Gaylard
Sheilagh J. McCullagh
Shirley Salomon

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