The Golden Quill Award

The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists acknowledges an individual author or a group of authors that has/have published an exceptional article in the Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy in the volume year two years prior to the year of the award. The author or group of authors need not be members of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists or Canadian citizens.

Golden Quill Award is reactivated for 2020!

Nominations must meet the following criteria:

  • Nominees must have published an article in Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy in the volume year two years prior to the date of the award (e.g., the 2020 award considers articles published in 2018).
  • The article must be deemed exceptional by the selection committee.

The public announcement of the award will be made at the CAOT Annual General Meeting and presentation of the award will be made to the recipient(s) at the Awards Ceremony at the Annual CAOT Conference.

Visit the collection of Golden Quill Award Winning Articles – Sage website.

2018 Recipients

Wendy Wood, Jenna L. Lampe, Christina A. Logan, Amy R. Metcalfe, and Beth E. Hoesly
“The Lived Environment Life Quality Model for Institutionalized people with Dementia” was published in the February 2017 issue of CJOT (pp. 22-33). Through qualitative content analysis of interviews and focus groups with occupational therapists, the authors assessed and developed the Lived Environment Life Quality Model as an innovative dementia-specific conceptual practice model of occupational therapy in institutional facilities. Their findings suggest that this model is indeed client-centred, ecologically valid, and occupation-focused, and may introduce positive occupational perspectives into institutional homes to uplift the quality of life of people with dementia in their current experiences and over time as their dementia progresses.

Past Recipients

2017 - Laurence Roy, Jacqueline Rousseau, Pierre Fortier and Jean-Pierre Mottard  
2016 - Alison J. Gerlach: Sharpening our critical edge: Occupational therapy in the context of marginalized populations
2015 - Rebecca M. Aldrich, Caroline Harkins McCarty, Brian A. Boyd, Caitlin E. Bunch and Cathrine B. Balentine: Empirical Lessons about Occupational Categorization from Case Studies of Unemployment
2014 - Cara L. Brown and Marcia L. Finlayson: Performance measures rather than self-report measures of functional status predict home care use in community-dwelling older adults
2013 - Daniel J. Sutton, Clare S. Hocking and Liz A. Smythe: A phenomenological study of occupational engagement in recovery from mental illness
2012 - Eleanor L. Wray and Patricia A. Mortenson: Cultural competence in occupational therapists working in early intervention therapy programs
2011 - Mary Egan, Lucy-Ann Kubina, Rosemarie Lidstone, Greg Macdougall and Anne Raudoy:  A critical reflection on occupational therapy within one Assertive Community Treatment team
2010 - Karen Whalley Hammell: Sacred texts: A sceptical exploration of the assumptions underpinning theories of occupation

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