Occupational Balance and Well-Being (Part 1) (December 2, 2014)

Occupational Balance and Well-Being (Part 1) (December 2, 2014)

The notion that a balance of occupations contributes to health has been implicit throughout the history of occupational therapy. The purpose of these two webinars is to make occupational balance explicit, by drawing on current theories and evidence on how to measure and enhance occupational balance, and how it contributes to well-being. Can we practice what we preach? Yes we can! Webinar one (December 2, 2014) addresses literature on defining and measuring occupational balance and webinar two (December 9, 2014) focuses on applying the concept of occupational balance with client examples and in our own self-care.

This purchase is for individual access to the On-Demand Practice Evidence Webinar from December 2, 2014 (part 1 of 2). Part 2 from December 9, 2014 is available for purchase separately.

Access to the recording, handouts and certificate is provided by email immediately following purchase. No cancellations/refunds will be provided once the purchase is completed. Please visit the Webinars FAQ for technical requirements and additional information.

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