Informed consent in occupational therapy: How colonization and coercion impact access for Indigenous Peoples (January 8, 2019)

Informed consent in occupational therapy: How colonization and coercion impact access for Indigenous Peoples (January 8, 2019)



Janna MacLachlan and Lisa Boivin

Canada’s legacy of colonization acts as a coercive force, inhibiting free and informed consent for Indigenous clients. With ongoing reports by Indigenous peoples of distrust of and systemic racism in Canada’s institutions, it is essential that health care professionals practice cultural safety and begin to recognize and address concrete areas, such as consent, where this is not occurring. By employing concepts from bioethics, critical approaches and Indigenous worldviews, and reflecting on lived experiences, this webinar reports on barriers to and solutions for informed consent in services provided to Indigenous peoples.

After taking part in this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Be able to recognize some common actions relating to consent that may be culturally unsafe in their practice;
  2. Have tools to critically assess actions and procedures within their practice related to consent in terms of cultural safety;
  3. Understand how some values and assumptions taken for granted within Western societies may not be shared by all, and how asserting these can in some cases constitute medical colonialism or impede Indigenous self-determination;
  4. Begin to consider their power and privilege relative to that of their Indigenous clients, as well as how they might practice principles of allyship;
  5. Understand how Canada’s legacy of colonization makes Indigenous clients vulnerable in all clinical settings.
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Janna MacLachlan and Lisa Boivin

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