Using an occupation and evidence-based approach to intervention for children with autism

Using an occupation and evidence-based approach to intervention for children with autism


The complexities of autism and the need to change practice as evidence emerges and practice contexts/service delivery models change, create challenges in providing occupation-based intervention. This webinar will present an overview of challenges in providing occupation-centred assessment and intervention. Two case studies (one child nonverbal/challenging behaviors; one child experiencing difficulty participating in play and classroom situations) will be presented to demonstrate:
· Occupation-based assessment
· Occupation and evidenced-based intervention that considers behaviour, anxiety, sensory, cognitive and communication strategies that are goal directed, family centred and focused on enabling the child and family to participate in meaningful occupations and on parent and educator capacity building.

After taking part in this webinar, participants will:

1. Identify evidence for occupational therapy intervention for children with ASD, and determine if the evidence fits with the person, environment and occupation factors of the client, clinician expertise and available resources.
2. Recognize the importance of understanding why a child engages in a behaviour, or experiences difficulty performing an occupation or participating in their roles, in order to provide effective intervention, including using sensory knowledge.
3. Assess and apply clinical reasoning to goal setting and select an appropriate combination of evidence-based interventions (child and parent focused) to support increased performance and participation of children with autism and their families.

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