Feeling stuck with your client: Navigating the therapeutic alliance

Feeling stuck with your client: Navigating the therapeutic alliance


For anyone undergoing a major transition, the journey can be full of peaks and valleys. While there might be stages of forward momentum, there might also be points of “resistance”. This webinar will examine best practice in the most difficult parts of our work; when we feel like we lack the tools to spark meaningful change. This webinar will also explore “resistance” as a normal part of change and identify strategies to get “unstuck”. Practical tools grounded in the evidence-based approaches of stages of change theory and motivational interviewing will be provided. Participants will be inspired to re-examine their most challenging situations in clinical practice.

After taking part in this webinar, participants will:

1. Identify signs of “resistance” in our therapeutic relationships and to recognize resistance as a normal part of all and any change process.
2. Build an evidence-based "toolbox" for managing difficult clinical situations, based on stages of change theory and motivational interviewing literature.
3. Enhance self-reflective practice, allowing clinicians to move forward from these challenging situations with renewed inspiration and creativity.

This purchase is for individual access to the On-Demand Practice Evidence Webinar from September 18, 2018. Access to the recording, handouts and certificate is provided by email immediately following purchase. No cancellations/refunds will be provided once the purchase is completed.  Please visit the Webinars FAQ for technical requirements and additional information.

This access will expire on August 31, 2021.

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Heidi Reznick, Veronica Takes and Bob Scott

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