Acting Ethically?

Acting Ethically?
Acting Ethically? A theoretical framework and method designed to overcome ethical tensions in occupational therapy practice

Eventually, all occupational therapists encounter thorny ethical situations (Bushby et al., 2015) causing them to doubt which decisions to make and which courses of action to undertake. And although ethics is part of every occupational therapist’s reality, there is a tendency to wait until a crisis hits before pondering the potential ethical issues in a given situation (Provencher, 2008).

Acting ethically? will help you to avert an ethical crisis. Practical, comprehensive, and Canadian, author Dr. Marie-Josee Drolet has addressed gaps in the current literature base, providing occupational therapists with all levels of experience, as well as their interprofessional team colleagues, with an invaluable support for the resolution of the many unavoidable ethical issues that they will encounter. Readers can count on Dr. Drolet’s capacity to translate her experience as an occupational therapist into clear and concrete clinical applications.

A prepared mind enables better ethical decisions in real life practice. The information and tools presented in this book will allow readers to improve the acuteness and the effectiveness of their reflective process – essentials ingredients to become advanced practitioners. The ten steps of ethical reflection developed by Dr. Drolet help clarify, structure and organize the different levels or layers that a thorough and optimal ethical reasoning process require.

Being an ethical agent presents us with great opportunities as well as great challenges. For those wishing to attain excellence in practice and build capacity to act in an ethical manner, Acting ethically? is the guide that will help solidify your professional integrity and accountability in serving the people and communities we all care about so deeply.
Marie-Josée Drolet
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