Bundle & Save: CO-OP Toolkit with COPM

Bundle & Save: CO-OP Toolkit with COPM

This bundle includes:

  1. Paediatric Activity Card Sort (PACS)
  2. Enabling Occupation in Children: The CO-OP Approach
  3. COPM Manual
  4. 100 COPM forms

Paediatric Activity Card Sort (PACS) - This assessment tool focuses on measuring occupation in the paediatric population. It contains high quality pictures of children engaged in typical childhood occupations. These help to determine the child's level of occupational performance and engagement. For ages 6 - 12.

Enabling Occupation in Children: The CO-OP Approach - This publication describes intervention strategies for children with mild motor and/or learning disabilities. Through focusing on client-centred cognitive strategies to increase motor competence, intervention shifts from a traditional components-based assessment to a performance-based one and from remediation to guided discovery. The accompanying CD makes using the CO-OP tools easy! For ages 4 and up. 

COPM Manual and 100 forms - The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) is an individualized measure designed for use by occupational therapists to detect a client's self-perceived change in occupational performance over time. Includes 3 rating scales and 100 measurement forms.

The 5th edition of the COPM celebrates the 25th anniversary of the measure. The COPM has gained worldwide recognition, and is currently the gold standard for measuring occupational performance in both clinical and community settings. This edition maintains the process and scoring of the original COPM, but offers a number of innovations in format and content. In addition, there is a new interactive website - www.thecopm.ca - that provides user supports, recent research evidence, examples of using the COPM in practice, research, program development and evaluation and by multidisciplinary teams, access to translations, and the latest COPM news.

 Specific changes include:

  • A case example linked to video clips on the website.
  • The inclusion of a wider range of theoretical and process models and terminology.
  • Recent research findings regarding the psychometric properties of the COPM including reliability, validity, responsiveness and utility.
For more information visit  http://www.thecopm.ca/


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