Enabling occupation through client goal ownership

Enabling occupation through client goal ownership

The rehabilitation literature describes disconnects between what therapists claim to be client-centred therapy and client perceptions. Goal ownership is a simple process that can be incorporated into many clients’ therapeutic experience that provides for a more collaborative and client-centred approach to therapy by including clients in establishing and routinely revisiting client-owned goals. Using this approach was found to improve development of client autonomy, self-efficacy and self-management - each critical to enabling participation in client-identified occupations. This webinar will provide case studies examples and an outline of easy to follow methods for implementing this approach across clinical practice areas.

After taking part in this webinar, participants will:

1. Accurately explain the difference between traditional client-centred goal writing versus client “owned” goal writing.
2. Describe the underlying theoretical concepts for why client autonomy is supported by client-owned goal writing.
3. Have the knowledge base to initiate a client-owned goal writing intervention approach into a clinical practice.

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