Choosing and Using Occupation-focused Assessments in Pediatric Practice - Web Link Access

Choosing and Using Occupation-focused Assessments in Pediatric Practice - Web Link Access

Occupation-focused assessments are increasingly used in pediatric practice as alternatives or compliments to development or impairment focused assessments. However, the use of occupation-focused assessments comes with opportunities as well as challenges. This webinar will synthesize evidence derived from focus groups conducted with experienced pediatric clinicians regarding their use of occupation-focused assessments based on the model of human occupation. Their experiences can inform the use and interpretation of similar assessments in pediatric practice. First, the webinar will review the reasoning process therapists use to select therapist-rated and client self-report assessments. Second, the webinar will provide a brief introduction to two occupational-focused assessments to illustrate the range of occupation-focused assessments available in pediatric practice: the Short Child Occupational Profile (SCOPE) and the Child Occupational Self-Assessment (COSA). Finally, the webinar will highlight strategies therapists may use to successfully administer self-reports with youth and review the therapeutic challenges that may arise.

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