Job Description for District Occupational Therapist


  • Provide professional OT consultation services and advice to the staff of the Area Office and, to other offices if required, on a wide variety of issues related to the treatment of adult and older adult clients. This includes, but is not limited to, the provision of professional advice and recommendations on client cases presented at Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) meetings and case conferences.
  • Use a VAC computer and software for client documentation in a Windows environment, including word processing, electronic mail and Internet.
  • Use the Departmental system, Benefits and Health Services On Line (BHSOL) to request OT assessments and reports from external OT service providers; to review and finalize these reports and to follow-up with the respective VAC members of the IDT, or others, on services for the client; and, to monitor, report on, and follow-up on the Due Dates of forms assigned to external providers.
  • At the request of the Project Authority, request, review and précis OT and related health professional reports from other service providers, such as community agencies and services. Direct follow-up with the OT service providers may be required.
  • At the request of the National Nursing Officer (NNO), provide training in the use of the BHSOL and the Client Service Delivery Network (CSDN) system to new OTs in the same or other Field Offices; and, to provide training in the use of BHSOL to external OT providers completing assessments and reports on behalf of VAC.
  • Participate in IDT meetings and case conferences on client or health-related issues. Make any follow-up calls and inquiries from an OT perspective related to clients discussed at Interdisciplinary Team meetings or during case conferences/consultations with staff..
  • Make any follow-up calls and inquiries from an occupational therapy perspective related to clients discussed at Interdisciplinary Team meetings or during case conferences/consultations with staff.
  • Liaise with health care professionals and agencies in the community and in long-term care facilities in relation to specific client cases.
  • Make recommendations and give professional approval or decline of various benefits or services for Veterans, in accordance with VAC policy, including determining the assessment instruments to be used, the related amount of time required, and advising the external providers via BHSOL; and, via use of CSDN Work Items, the Treatment Authorization Centre (TAC) and other staff who initiate expenditures, of the professional recommendations and/or approval.
  • Develop and deliver information sessions to VAC staff, clients and others on health related topics.
  • Complete Departmental OT assessments, visits and reports on VAC clients in their homes or the facilities in which the clients reside.

  • Prepare reports on the health and functional status and related needs of the clients, using BHSOL OT Assessment.
Elements to be assessed include, but are not limited to:
OT Assessment
Mini-Mental Status
Psychological agitation or distress (Kessler)
Power Mobility Assessment Tool
Braden Scale
Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA)
  • Apply competency in interpersonal skills, judgement, dependability, and oral and written communications.

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